Aille Beauty


Having the right hair and makeup team can make or break the wedding day experience for anyone's bridal party! Los Angeles-based glam experts, Aille Beauty, have worked with us on both weddings and corporate events and they're nothing short of spectacular. Whether it's tackling bridal hair and makeup, or accommodating a masquerade-themed look for guests attending a private event, their team can do it all!

It’s clear this team has been working together for a long time, which makes it fun to be around them no matter what the event:

“Our love for hair and makeup developed at a young age and grew deep along with our friendship and passion to share what we knew with other people! As most relationships over time disconnect, ours has managed to stay strong for almost 20 years. BFFALSABT! (Best Friends Forever And Let’s Start A Business Together) If we are going to do what we love we also should enjoy who we work with. That’s our motto!”

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