Before You Book: Top Questions to Ask Live Wedding Entertainment

Whether it's a high energy DJ or a 10-piece live band, highly sought after wedding entertainers get booked far in advance. In searching for the best option, it's important to have open dialogues with potential entertainment vendors before signing a contract! Downbeat LA has created a list of 15 important questions you should ask any entertainment prospects before you book: 

AMFM of Downbeat LA 

AMFM of Downbeat LA 

1. What do you include in your package? 

2. What sets you apart from other bands? 

3. Can you fulfill the role of an MC? 

4. What genres of music can you cover? (Ask to see a song list!)

5. Do you take "must-play" and “do-not-play” song requests?


6. Do you perform ceremonies and cocktail hours as well as receptions? 

7. Can you assist in choosing music for processional, recessional, parent dances, etc.? 

8. Can you provide an example of number of sets/set lengths you can perform, including breaks?

9. How much space do you need?

10. How much time do you allocate for setup, soundcheck and breakdown? 


11. If overtime is requested the day-of, what do you typically charge?

12. In addition to your sound equipment, can you provide other elements such as lighting? If so, what is the cost?

13. What electrical supply will you need the day of?

14. Do you have any former clients I can contact for references?

15. Will you be expecting meals and/or drinks the day of? If so, for how many people?

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