LA wedding venues

New LA Wedding Venues for 2018


Los Angeles is full of incredible event spaces to suit any need, and reporter Alyssa Brown recently published a collection of brand new wedding venues to watch out for across the city in 2018:

1. Valentine

 “DTLA’s newest events space can be rented independently or in collab with next door neighbor Grass Room, lending its space for an event of up to 750 guests. Valentine is reminiscent of a greenhouse, with 30 foot high glass ceilings and tons of lush greenery.”


2. Grass Room

 “Grass Room is a quirky, artsy space located in DTLA that can be easily dressed up or down depending on your vibe. It sits just beside Valentine and the two venues combined can accommodate an event of up to 750 guests, moving through multiple indoor and outdoor spaces and a hidden alleyway too.”


3.  Freehand Los Angeles

 “The newcomer to LA, Freehand offers a wide variety of party, event and wedding spaces for the discerning event host. Choose from a party pad in a loft suite, in one of the restaurants, at the poolside bar or in another of the outdoor settings.“


4. Office Party

 “When the brilliant team behind YEAH! Rentals (see also YEAH! Furniture, YEAH! Weddings, The Flashdance, Smilebooth, and Sharkpig) announced they were opening a venue last year, we knew it would be good but didn’t know it would be this good. Office Party is a massive Highland Park loft space with huge vaulted ceilings (think 30’), cement floors, really good natural light, and a modular setup that makes events easy to customize.”


5. Kim Sing Theater

 “A classic LA story, the Kim Sing has walked a life as a vaudeville theater, zoot suit riot house, Kung Fu theater, event venue, and now, a micro-hotel to retire to when the party has ended. Reopened in Autumn 2017 to cater to the luxury crowd, this spot is as exclusive as it is lauded with LA lore.”