Dmitry Shumanev Production

Weddings along the coast in Malibu are always breathtaking, but it takes a talented visual team to capture all of the beauty throughout the day. Our band Gold Standard recently performed at the historic Adamson House venue and worked alongside the talented videographer team that is Dmitry Shumanev Production

While this Los Angeles-based production studio provides services in both photography and videography, we had the opportunity to see their video skills in action during the gorgeous wedding of Grace and Eric! Just check out this teaser they put together:

"We are masters of light manipulation and photojournalistic style photography, with a fashion sensibility that creates clean, crisp and colorful images to capture every meaningful moment of each event. We use the best available digital photo, 4K video and audio technology, capturing each tear that runs down a face, every joyful dance move with a loved one, and the tone in every speech and well-wish." - Dmitry Shumanev Production

We look forward to the next time we get to work with this awesome team of creative individuals! For more information, head to their website:

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