Where Should You Host Your Wedding?

So you are planning your wedding and starting to think about the big question, "Where will I host my big day?" The location of the wedding will make a huge impact of the feel and atmosphere of the day. Picking a good venue or location can seem like a daunting task but if we start by figuring out the region you feel would work best, we can start to narrow down the field quickly.  

When thinking about location some factors to consider are: 

a.) who do I want in attendance?

b.) how many people do I want in attendance?

If you are looking to have an intimate wedding, a destination wedding could be unforgettable! 

The easier or the harder you make it for your loved ones to make an appearance will help determine the number of guests and what to start planning for. 


Other things to consider are:

1.) Do you live in a warm place or want to get married somewhere warm?

2.) Does Europe call your name? 

3.) Or does travel just sound fun?!  


There are countless reasons and places to get married so we are gonna spend the next few weeks talking about fun exciting places to make your big day the most memorable! 

At the end of the day, what matters most is spending your special moment with the people you love but doing it away from home is always fun!