You're engaged! What happens next?

Congratulations, you're engaged! Whether it was a complete surprise or you were in on the proposal, it's truly an exciting time for couples to enjoy together. Before diving into wedding planning, here are 3 important things to do right after you say "yes" (after taking ring selfies, of course!): 

1. Share the news with loved ones. 

Before posting those ring selfies on social media, remember to call your closest family and friends. Picking up the phone goes a long way, and no one should have to find out about a family member getting engaged via mass email or Facebook post. Once you've shared the news privately, then you can craft the perfect status update and let the notifications come rolling in!

2. Get your ring sized and insured. 



Maybe your fiancé nailed it and the ring fits perfectly. Chances are it will need adjustments, and since you'll be showing it off quite a bit you want to make sure the fit is right and it's covered. This is a very important step to remember that often gets overlooked. Try taking it back to where your fiancé purchased it, then sneak a quick peek at wedding bands to get an idea of what you'd like down the road. 

3. Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!


Before hiring a wedding planner and picking a date, don't forget to relax, celebrate and have fun just being engaged! Go out for drinks, plan get-togethers, travel to see family and most importantly set aside time for just the two of you. Once planning gets under way it's difficult to find the time to just be together without having a million ideas and to-do's running through your head. Take your time, and enjoy the entire ride!