How To Brand Your Wedding

Your wedding brand is the overall look and feel of your special day. Here are the steps to consider when choosing the brand you want for your wedding:

1. What represents you as a couple?

This can be applied to either the general aesthetic or specific elements such as flowers, colors, etc. As a couple, are you more romantic? Rustic? Modern? Inspiration boards can be helpful in determining this.

2. What colors do you love or are important to you?

This might simply be your favorite color, or you can let the season you’re getting married in determine these as well, but having a color palette and a selected metallic or texture/pattern is a step in the right direction of branding.

3. Select fonts or create custom logo

Fonts and logos can be used throughout the entire process, from save-the-dates all the way up to wedding day escort cards and signs. Additionally, if you have a family crest or can create a custom logo that resembles who you are as a couple, this is a wonderful touch to include on all of your stationary items.

4. Which details will you choose to convey the overall look and feel for your night?

Details are the final step in bringing your wedding brand to life. Signature cocktails, desserts, music selection and various reception activities can all be representative of who you are and help to create the desired environment for your wedding.